If I just lay here, will you lie with me and just forget the world?

Hey girls, merry late Christmas! I wasn’t able to get a Christmas post in, but I’ll definitely have a new year’s post! So, hope you like the post!


I checked myself in the mirror one last time before leaving the estate. I was wearing a black peacoat with my navy blue skinny jeans. I paired it with my gray beanie and my black DKNY wedges. I thought my outfit needed more color, so I paired it with a dark purple scarf. I need to look perfect when Mason comes over. I applied a fresh coat of MAC lip gloss, but then decided to remove it because I wanted a scented lip gloss. I took the lip gloss set that Kristen got me for Christmas and applied the vanilla cupcakes flavor. I took a deep breath, then headed downstairs.

I checked the text Alicia sent me last night.

ALICIA: Hey, can you come over to my house at around 5:00 tomorrow?

MASSIE: Can’t, got something to do then.

ALICIA: It’s urgent, you have to come.

MASSIE: Kay, I’ll be there.

I checked the time on my phone. It was 4:45. Perfect. I headed out the door and waited for Mason to arrive. A few minutes later I saw him walking towards the estate.

“Mason!” I quickly ran up to him and hugged him.

“Hey, gorgeous!” He hugged me back and kissed me on the forehead.

“Kay, listen. My friend Alicia texted me last night, and she said I had to come over. Something urgent. So, before we leave, can we go to her house?” He stared at me for a few seconds before he answered. “Uh, yeah, sure.”

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, let’s go.” He put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to Alicia’s house.



I rang the doorbell of Alicia’s house and a few seconds later she opened the door.

“Hey! Sorry, I forgot to tell you that Mason was coming with me. Is that okay?” I said, rubbing my hands together, trying to keep my hands warm.

“Hey!” She looked at Mason and froze. “Um, yeah. Come in.” I entered Alicia’s house and we all went into her living room.

“So, what do you have to tell me that’s so urgent?” I asked Alicia.

“Before I get to that, do you want anything to drink?” I could tell that Alicia was nervous about something by the sound of her voice. But, what could it possibly be that she’s so worried about? I did want something to drink, but I wanted Alicia to tell me what she’s been keeping from me.

“No thanks. Mason, do you want anything?”

“Uh..water please.” He said slowly. Alicia disappeared into her kitchen as she went to go get some water. I was starting to worry. Was Alicia going to leave the group? Has her family gone broke? There were so many possibilities, but I would just have to wait.

Alicia walked back in the room, handed Mason a glass of cold water, and sat down.

“Kay, NOW can you tell us?” I asked eagerly.

“Umm, well, I wanted to tell you that…I thought of new moves for our dance routine!” Alicia said enthusiastically. That’s what she had to tell me really bad?

“Couldn’t you have just told me that over the phone Leesh?” I asked her impatiently.

“Well, I thought..that I could show you the dance moves in person!” She replied.

“Okay then. Can you show me?”

“Sure!” Alicia moved some furniture and stood in the center of the living room. She paused for a few seconds, then began dancing some of the moves that were already in our routine, but I didn’t point it out because I wanted to continue my date with Mason, and leave faster.

“Cool!” I raised my arm and checked my watch. “I gotta go now, but I’ll IM you later, kay Leesh?”

“Kay, bye Mass!” I stood up and hugged Alicia goodbye then exited the estate with Mason.

I walked downtown with Mason, our fingers intertwined. Not many people had taken down their Christmas lights yet, so we were walking around looking at all the amazing lights, sipping hot cocoa. It was an amazing date that he planned. It was going perfect, until it started pouring rain. We both went back to my estate.

“You know Massie, you really are an amazing person.” He said. I looked down and started blushing and let out a small “thanks” and “you are too”.

“Well, it’s really starting to rain, I better head inside.” I said.

“Wait, before you do, I need to do something.” he replied.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“This.” He put his arms around my waist and kissed  me. It wasn’t one of those mini goodbye kisses, it was more of an “I love you and don’t want to let go” kind of kisses. It’s the kind of kiss that every girl dreams of. You know, being kissed in the pouring rain?

I sat at my Mac desktop, IMing the PC  about the other so-called clique in my dance class. Suddenly, a private IM from Alicia popped up on my computer screen.

ALICIA: What I told you today, about me coming up with the new dance moves, wasn’t what I actually wanted to tell you Mass.

MASSIE: What? So, what do you really want to tell me?

ALICIA: It’s something about Mason, and I have to tell you in person, not over IM.

MASSIE: Fine, at school?

ALICIA: No. Can you come over tomorrow too?


ALICIA: Great. Well, I have to go finish up some homework. Bye.

Holagurrl has signed off.

I got up and walked over to my closet and picked out a pair of satin pajamas and a white long-sleeve shirt and I put my UGGs on. My clothes had gotten soaked outside and even though they were dry, they were still all cold and stiff.

 I re-read the private chat Alicia and I had. What could she possibly have to tell me about Mason? That she doesn’t like him? That we don’t look cute together? I shook my head free of all the thoughts. It’s probably nothing serious. I thought to myself. I took my UGGs off and slipped on the pair of pointe shoes Alicia gave me so that I could wear them for dance. I moved some of my furniture around so I had more room, and I went over the dance Alicia and I had thought of so far.

I could see myself in the mirror in front of me from time to time, and I looked pretty graceful. I wonder if I’ll still be dancing like this after I hear what Alicia has to tell me.


I hope you all enjoyed that post and I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Be looking out for my new year’s posts! I’ll post one on New Year’s Eve and one on New Year’s Day!

Thanks for reading!



Quote for this post: “Being nice to people you don’t like isn’t being two faced. It’s called growing up.” – Drake

Keep on loving ♥


11 thoughts on “If I just lay here, will you lie with me and just forget the world?

  1. TAIP,
    I wonder what Alicia wants to tell you about Mason! Hopefully it’s not something bad. You and Mason are just too cute together, I would hate to see you two break up or get into a fight!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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