New Year’s Eve! OLIVE YOU! ♥∞ Best of 2012 TAG! :)

Hey hey hey!

So, today is New Year’s Eve! Ehmagosh, you have no idea how crazy 2012 was! I already did a post about this year called: “Let’s rewind and remember ♥∞” so, in this post, I’m going to be doing the Best of 2012 TAG!!! I love doing tags, so I thought it would be super fun to do this one, and I hope you all can do it!

I watched Macbarbie07’s Best of 2012 Tag and I just needed to do it for my New Year’s Eve post! 😀

Watch her tag if you would like:

So, before I get to the tag, I just want to say some stuff about this year. I started blogging in…September I think? So, I’ve been blogging for a few months now, and over that period of time, I have made so many friends on WordPress and AIM! You all are like my online family! The WordPress community is just so amazing and I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me and my blog, but I’ll definitely try!

So, I’m really thankful to have you all as a part of my life because you are all awesomesauce and I love you! OLIVE YOU! 😀

So, time for the tag!

Specific people I tag are:

Lovely Massie Block

Glitter Massie Block

Massie Block Love

Official Aurora Blake

Rachel Woodlands

Miss Kris Sexy Sports Babe

Soccer Kris Kris

Out on a Leesh


Massie Block Foreva

Alicia Rivera Hearts You

Massie Block 1 and Only

Skye. A. Hamilton

So, I tagged a whole bunch of you! If I didn’t tag you, I’m sorry, but if YOU are reading this, then…TAG! You’re it! I want you to do this tag!

Okay, let’s get started!


My Favorite…


1. Face product

Okay, I have used quite a few different face products in 2012, but I would have to say that I love the CoverGirl NatureLuxe foundation the best! It is just a great foundation and it works really well, I think, on all different skin types. It has really good coverage as well. So, no matter what type of skin you have, I recommend trying this foundation out!

2. Cheek product

I don’t always use cheek products. I usually only wear them when I look really tired or pale-ish in the morning. So, my favorite cheek product for 2012 was the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush! It comes in so many different colors, and the color comes on really well! And, I love how it bounces, LOL! Overall, I think that’s it’s a great blush!

3. Eye product

Like blush, I don’t always wear eye products. I do wear it on special occasions at school or with my family, etc. This year I really loved the UD Naked Palette and Naked Palette 2! The colors in the palette are so pretty and it has a variety of colors, like matte ones, shimmery ones, etc. I love doing makeup routines with this palette because it makes my eyes look really pretty and I just love the Naked Palette eye shadow.

4. Lip product

Okay, this one was really hard for me. I love wearing lip glosses and balms and stains, and I have used a whole bunch of great lip products this year, but I only chose one! And that is the Burt’s Bees lip balm in peppermint! This lip balm always makes my lips feel smooth, and never leaves them chapped. It also makes them really fresh and icy because it’s in the peppermint flavor, so I really love that. It also comes with a little hand salve, so that was convenient, haha. I also really love Baby Lips, but I didn’t use it much this year, so I have to say the Burt’s Bees lip balm.

5. Skincare product

So, once I find a skincare product that works really well for me, I don’t like changing too often. I was tied between two products, but I decided to choose the St. Ives Apricot scrub! It really exfoliates your skin and leaves it super soft! I use it about one every month and on special occasions. The scrub literally makes my face glow and I just love it! I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new skincare product.

6. Nail polish

Okay. You have no idea how much I have been loving Essie’s pastel colored nail polishes this year! I love shimmery nail polishes and bright ones, but this year I have been obsessed with pastel colored nail polishes because they are just so pretty and they go with everything in my opinion. So, I have really been loving that for 2012.

7. Hair product

This wasn’t very hard for me, because at once I knew that the Paul Mitchell smoothing super skinny serum was my fave for 2012! There are so many things to love about this product. It makes your hair less frizzy, and it makes it nice and shiny and glossy which I obviously love! And, oh my gosh, it smells ah-mazing! It’s just an awesomesauce hair product.

8. Final beauty Q: Body product/Perfume

This is the hardest of all! My favorite scent is obviously from Bath and Body Works, haha. I have so many scents from there and they all smell so good! I came out with two favorites though. My number 1 favorite is the Black Raspberry Vanilla perfume from Bath and Body Works. It smells like heaven, I’m serious. I don’t know how to explain the scent…you just have to get it for yourself! And, my second favorite is the Charmed Life body lotion from Bath and Body Works! It’s a really good scent that I love wearing all year round, especially in spring and summer.


9. Clothing piece

This year I have been loving sweaters. If they’re normal, or over-sized, or knit. I just love sweaters because you can just pair them with leggings or skinnies and some cute boots and you have the perfect fall/winter/lazy day outfit which I absolutely love! I’ve also been loving leather jackets! I would have to say that brown and black are my favorite colors. And, you can pair a leather jacket with a really cute sweater, so that’s combining two of my favorite clothing pieces for this year!

10. Accessory 

Flower headbands and bows! I love flower headbands because they can add some pizaz to any plain or dressy outfit. They come in lots of different styles and colors, and I just think they’re really cute. 🙂 Same with bows. I love wearing them in my hair, usually at the back of my head and it’s a simple yet super cute hairstyle!

11. Pair of shoes

For this year my favorite pair of shoes were my short sand colored UGGs, all my pairs of Converse, and my white sandals! I love my short UGGs because they just go with anything! I just pair them with a pair of skinnies and a cute sweater, and bam! Cute outfit! Converse are always really casual, and also go with anything, especially the black ones, because black goes with anything! And, I love my pair of white sandals for summer because I can also wear them with anything because they’re white, lol. They have a criss-cross pattern and they have mini rhinestones on them, which I love!


12. Favorite TV Show/Movie

Ahh I have so many favorites, so this is going to be really hard! But, I have to say that Dance Moms is my favorite! I just love all the drama on the show, and the girls are just amazing dancers! They move so gracefully on the dance floor! My favorite movie has to be ABC’s Cyberbully, because it really teaches you a lot about what bullying can do, and how we can reach out to help stop bullying.

13. Favorite book

For 2012, my favorite book was the Hunger Games! I love Harry Potter way more, but just for this year, I loved the Hunger Games! It’s a really great book, and it’s written in a very detailed manner. I watched the movie too, but I think that the book was a lot better.

14. Food

My fave food for this year isn’t really a food, but it’s more of a snack. It’s Oreos! They taste so good! I love dipping them in milk, or just taking them apart eating the filling then eating the crackers, haha. Ahh they’re awesome!

15. Beverage

Starbucks! I love their White Peppermint Mochas and omg, salted caramel hot chocolate! It is so yummy! If you haven’t tried one or either of those, you have to try them because they’re super good!

16. Favorite song

I have had so many favorite songs for 2012! I’m only gonna say a few of them though. The first one is Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler, because it’s an upbeat song that I can listen to no matter what mood I’m in, and if you actually listen to the lyrics, you can actually get a message from the lyrics. The second one is We are Young by FUN.!  FUN. is an amazing band and their song “We Are Young” is also an upbeat song that always makes me happy and makes me wanna have fun. The third one is Paradise by Coldplay because I just love the tune and it’s a really inspirational song! Last but definitely not least, Glad You Came by The Wanted. This song is just awesomesauce, that’s all I’m gonna say. It’s just so good. 😀 So, those are just a few of my favorite songs!

Alright, that’s it for this Best of 2012 Tag! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope you all do it too!

Thanks for making the last few months of 2012 so amazing for me! OLIVE YOU! If it is already 2013 where you are, Happy New Year! I hope your first day of 2013 is going smoothly!



Quote for this post: “I believe in second chances, but I don’t believe in third or fourth chances.” – Selena Gomez

Keep on loving. ♥∞


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve! OLIVE YOU! ♥∞ Best of 2012 TAG! :)

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Happy New Year! Isn’t it just crazy how fast 2012 went by?!
    Wonderful tag, adored the video also, MacBarbie07 is a fabulous beauty guru.
    I have returned with a New Years post, ♚Pleasant Past, be sure to check it out.
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  2. TAIP,
    I loved this video by MacBarbie07! I was thinking about doing the tag in my spare time. 🙂
    I loved your answers to the tag! I hope you do more in the future. 🙂
    Happy New Year! Good luck in 2013! 🙂
    PS: I have a new post up and would love if you could check it out.

    • LMB,
      Yeah, me too! And, you totally should do one. If you do, I’ll be looking forward to reading it!
      Thanks! I’ll do a whole lot more in the future! 🙂
      Happy New Year! Good luck to you too!
      I’ll definitely check out your post. 🙂


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