A how-to: How to stay alpha in the rough winters!

Bonjour l’amour!

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Today’s post will be for the second round of The Alpha Files! To whoever moved on to the next round, congratulations! If you didn’t move on, I’m sorry! Better luck next time! So, this how-to will give you some tips on how to maintain an alpha attitude, and how to stay looking alpha in the wintertime as you can tell by the post name.

Let’s get started!

Face/Skin/Hair Care:

White lips, pale face, from breathing in the snowflakes!

Here’s how to fix all the problems winter does to your face, lips, and hair!

The cold weather in winter tends to make your face look pale, and get pretty dry! This is really easy to fix, though!


This is pretty obvious, but it’s still super important! Choose a face wash that works well for you and wash your face at least two times a day. At morning and at night are the most convenient times. Once you are done washing your face, make sure you moisturize, too. Doing this will keep your skin hydrated, clean, and smooth! Keep in mind that there are scented moisturizers, that do the same thing as normal moisturizers, but have a great scent and will keep you smelling great!



Now, this is the most common thing that happens in the winter to your lips; they get chapped and dry! Many people think that they can fix this problem by erm..licking their lips. Yeah, we all do it! But, truth is, that takes moisture away from your lips! So, fight the urge to lick your lips. Instead, always carry a moisturizing lip balm in your bag/backpack/clutch etc. The lip balms that I recommend are:

Baby Lips by Maybelline New York

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm

Tip: You should always drink plenty of water to avoid chapped lips! Sometimes you get chapped lips due to lack of water intake!



What I notice about myself and other people is that our eyes look more tired than usual in winter than they would in the summertime. But don’t worry! There are several easy ways to fix this problem!

#1: With white eye shadow! When you’re doing your makeup in the morning, take some white eyeshadow with an angled eyeshadow brush. Apply it to the inner corners of your eyes. Bam! Your eyes look brighter and you look more awake. This literally takes one minute and it’s very easy!

And, of course, concealer and foundation! BB Creams work amazingly well, too!

#2: With cold spoons! Before you go to the bed, put a cold spoon in your freezer. When you wake up in the morning, it should be pretty cold! Take the spoon and put it over both of your eyes, each for about 20 seconds. This will help reduce the visibility of under-eye bags and circles.

#3: The cucumber method! Take two slices of cold, fresh cucumber and put them on your eyes. This will help reduce puffiness in your eyes. Leave the cucumbers on for 10-20 minutes!

Drinking a lot of water helps with this problem as well!



This doesn’t happen with all people, but for some, their hair gets pretty cray-cray in winter. To keep your hair in good shape, just follow these easy tips!

Tip #1:

So, in winter it’s windy from time to time. This causes your hair to get tangled. Even if your hair doesn’t get tangled, your hairstyles will fall out and get ruined. To avoid this, don’t do super fancy hairstyles. But, of course if you want to, you can. They look really good, but they tend to fall out easily during winter because of rain/wind. However, if they don’t need much fixing up during the day, knock yourself out! 🙂 Instead, do a simpler hairstyle that’s still cute, that you can fix throughout the day. I definitely recommend all kinds of braids. They’re easy and super cute! There are so many out there!

Tip #2:

Don’t wash/wet your hair as often. Going out and about with wet hair in winter isn’t very fun! Dry your hair before you leave, and if you would like, feel free to use heat protectant. Your hair can actually break if you go out in the cold with your hair wet. But you can wash your hair everyday if you would like, just make sure it’s dry before you go outside on a cold day!

Tip #3:

Try wearing a scarf/hat when you’re out to prevent your hair from getting all static-y. You can also use a static guard, but that’s totally optional. It’s windy in winter, so if you don’t want to make your hair look like Big Bird, go with this tip. 🙂

Tip #4:

If you are going to be washing your hair less often in the wintertime, to prevent your hair from getting oily, I suggest a dry shampoo. They are really helpful and quick to put in your hair. They are really cheap too, so I definitely recommend getting one.



For all you makeup-wearers out there, the first thing I can say to you is…don’t wear heavy makeup in winter! In winter, as I mentioned before, your skin tends to get dry. Heavy makeup along with that isn’t the best for your skin.

So, instead of going for heavy foundations and concealers, try going for a tinted moisturizer. They are light on your skin, provide great coverage, and are hydrating! It’s perfect for winter, because it will feel like you aren’t even wearing anything!

Another product that’s better than foundations and concealers in winter is a BB cream. They are also light on your skin, they hydrate, nourish, tint, and prime and protect your skin. You should definitely check out some BB Creams and find the one that’s right for you!



Bundle up and stay warm!

It’s getting warm in some places in the world, but in others, it’s still pretty cold! Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you have to look bad with a whole bunch of layers! There are so many cute outfits to wear while staying warm!

The must-haves for winter are definitely:


Skinny jeans

Infinity scarves


Leather jackets


Cute over-sized sweaters

Here are a few outfit ideas for winter that are super cute, but will keep you warm at the same time!

#1: School!

Top: Plain white long/short sleeve

Bottom: Dark wash skinnies

Shoes: Chestnut/Sand Uggs or Suede boots

Jacket/Coat/Blazer: Black Peacoat

Accessories: Light blue/pink or dark purple/blue (navy blue) infinity scarf, gray beanie, stud earrings. Cute bracelets. (optional)

#2: Family time!

Top: Cream sweater

Bottom: Forest green skirt and black tights

Shoes: Combat boots/suede boots/Uggs.

Accessories: Gold/silver bangles, gold/silver stud/dangly earrings.

#3: Lazy day/doing errands

Top: Over-sized, long sleeve, white sweater

Bottom: Gray leggings

Shoes: Brown combat boots

Accessories: Pink beanie! (or whatever color you would like to give the outfit some color. Gold necklace and bangles. (bangles or necklace optional).

So, I hope those outfits helped you and inspired you to create new outfits and get ideas!

Okay, that’s the end of my how-to! I certainly hope you enjoyed it and I hope it was helpful to you!

Good luck to everyone in Round 2 of The Alpha Files!


Keep on loving,

Quote for this post:

“Life is a funny thing. The minute you think you’ve got everything figured out, something comes along and turns it all upside down.” -Zayn Malik


Blog makeover creds: Rory Blake


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5 thoughts on “A how-to: How to stay alpha in the rough winters!

  1. Hi, Massie,
    Great tips! I especially loved the “eyes” section, as it’s not something you see as much as you see tips on skincare and hair care.
    I’m totally obsessed with all the winter trends. :c


  2. TAIP,
    Another great post! These tips were amazing, especially the one about not washing or wetting your hair as often! Your outfit examples sound so cute!

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