We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


♥ Bonjour l’amour! ♥

So, I’m doing a bit better since the whole Alicia and Mason incident. It’s been days since I’ve talked to her, but she  insisted I come over today, because she needs to talk to me, and, for the most part, I want things to get worked out. I don’t want to get revenge this time, and, I really don’t want to stress over this whole debacle, I want to move on. But, I do know what’ll get my mind off of things. My spring break is next week, and TPC and I are going to the ever so beautiful West Palm Beach in Florida! We’ve all been planning this trip for months, and it’s just 2 days away. ♥ ♥ ♥


I stood, motionless, on Alicia’s doorstep. I took a deep breath and moved the knocker, up and down. A few seconds later, Alicia opened the door wide open.

“Hey, great you’re here. Come on in.” I could see the fear in Alicia’s sparkling brown eyes, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. I stepped inside, and immediately inhaled the aroma of what seemed like one of those Glade air fresheners. I sat down on her couch and there was a silence before Alicia started talking.

“So, I wanted you to come over so we could talk about this whole thing that happened with Mason and, I just want to explain why I did that. Massie, you don’t know the whole story.”

“I have plenty of time, Leesh, go on.” I saw a faint smile spread across Alicia’s face, since I called her by her nickname, but it quickly faded away.

“As I recall, I kissed Mason on the night of his party.”

“Yes, yes, we all remember, no need to remind me.” I replied quickly, with a fake smile.

“Well, the thing is, and I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a really long time now, and–” Just as Alicia was going to tell what she’s been hiding for the past few weeks, her mother walked into the room.

“Hi darling, hello Massie, hope you two are having fun. I’m just going to be reading my novel, I won’t be bothering you two.”  I silently thanked her and nodded my head. We waited until Alicia’s mother was out of earshot, before we continued talking.

“As I was saying, the thing is, and this is really hard to say…Mason used to be my boyfriend before you, and you never knew he was. I kept our relationship a secret because I didn’t want to lose him, but then he ended up dumping me for some other girl.” It was all crystal clear now. The eye contact, the nervousness, the whole kiss. No one said anything for a few seconds, for I was still processing everything Alicia just told me.

“Alicia, I get it, I truly do. But, why didn’t you tell me before?” The more words came out of my mouth, the louder my voice became.

“Massie, I wanted to! I really did! It’s just that, you looked so happy with Mason and I didn’t want to jeopardize that.” I already realized what I had to do, and it’s something that a true alpha barely has to.

“I’m..sorry Leesh. I jumped to conclusions and I shouldn’t have. Forgive me?”

“Of course, Mass.” We both got up and I pulled Leesh into a hug. Once I let go, I immediately started talking about our spring break plans.

“So, you excited?” I asked with a clap of my hands.

“For what?’ Alicia asked putting her perfectly manicured finger to her chin.

“Spring break, silly! We’re going to West Palm Beach!”

“Ohh! How could I not be? I still need to finish packing, though.” Alicia said, giggling. Just then, my phone started ringing.

“One sec, it’s my mom.” I presses the green “Accept” button on my phone. “Hey mom. Yeah, I’m at Alicia’s house. Oh, okay. Kay, I’ll be there in a few. Bye.”

“What’d she say?” Alicia asked.

“Ah, gotta be home for dinner. I’ll call you later, kay?” I gave Alicia a quick hug and hurried out the front door.

As I started walking down the street to my house, I saw Mason walking across the street from me. I tried to go in a different direction. Too late. He already crossed the street and was running up to me.

“Massie! Massie, wait up!” He put his hand on my shoulder, but I shook it off. “Massie, don’t ignore me, come on.” I turned around and looked him right in the eyes.”You know, we really don’t have anything to talk about. You went along and kissed Leesh, but I made up with her. Nothing more to talk about.”

“Come on Massie, give me another chance?” He put his arms around my waist, leaned in and kissed me, but right when he did, I pushed him away.

“Sorry, but we? Are never ever getting back together.” And with that, I gave him one of my cocky half-smiles, and walked away.


Quote for this post: “You can’t go to sleep without a cup of tea and maybe thats the reason that you talk in your sleep…”  – Louis Tomlinson


New blog makeover! Finally settled on this one, haha.

Spring Break post will be up soon!




Keep on loving,



10 thoughts on “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Adore the Spring makeover.
    Thank goodness you and Leesh were able to forgive each other.
    How typical that you saw Mason on your way home from Alicia’s, at least you were able to put him in his place.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post

  2. Hey TAIP,
    Haha cute title. 😉
    Awh, I’m super glad to see this was awl a misunderstanding.
    Forgiving Alicia was the right thing to do, but I’m glad Mason is over.
    I hope the PC had an ah-mazing Spring Break.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  3. Dear TAIP,

    Great post! I’m glad you figured things out with Alicia! I think you made the right decision for not getting back with Mason. I hope you enjoyed your spring break! Going to West Palm Beach sounds ah-mazing! I love the makeover! I can’t wait for your next post!

    Dance Forever, Skye

    • Skye,

      Thank you, you just made my day! Me too, I’m glad things didn’t go too far with this situation. 🙂 I did, I can’t wait to tell all my ah-mazing viewers about the trip! I’m glad you like my makeover, thank you so much! I can’t wait for your future posts as well, darling!


  4. Hey TAIP!
    Glad to see everything worked out between you and Alicia! Great post!

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