Spring Breakers ♥

Hello my lovelies! 

The PC and I went on our spring break trip to West Palm Beach, Florida a few weeks ago!  It was the most fun we’ve all had in the such a long time! Now, time to tell my ah-mazing viewers all about it!



We arrived the Westchester airport at 8:00 A.M to catch our flight that was leaving at 9:30. We boarded the plane, and set off for the beautiful West Palm Beach! After a long 5 hour flight, including an extra 2 hours to change planes, we arrived at our 5-star hotel that I paid for. We checked in, went up to our hotel, and un-packed. Not much happened today!


Today, the exploring of the sunny West Palm Beach, Florida began! We started off by going on a trip to the beach! We slipped into our swimsuits, and got into the water! We tanned, read magazines, and sipped Zero Calorie Cascade. Afterwards, we went to a mini souvenir shop near the beach. I got the cutest swimsuit from there! (Pic below). In the evening, we went to a fancy, glamorous, 5-star restaurant, and ate some delish food there. We met some amazing people there, they were all so nice! Kris and Dyl even got the numbers of some ah-dorable guys Monday was a great day!

The swimsuit I got:


Today we went to Clematis Street! 

It was tons of fun, and definitely going to be one of the most memorable parts of our spring break! To be honest, Clematis Street kind of reminded me of a 80’s diner themed street, and I absolutely loved it! There were so many cute little shops to visit, and amazing places to dine. We walked the streets, took pictures, and even got to see some live entertainment! We did a little bit of dancing, bonding, and yes, got more souvenirs! They have the best souvenir shops and boutiques! It was gorgeous there, and they have really pretty water fountains! 


Today was interesting, and kind of educational, too. Kristen insisted we visit the Norton Museum of Art. We got a tour throughout the museum, and saw a lot of historical works and art pieces as well. It was half-fun when we Leesh, Dyl, and I were all goofing off, and then half boring when Kristen snapped at us. But, when we got out of there, we payed a visit to the CityPlace shopping center. It was really fun, since we got to go on a huge shopping spree. Simple, yet fabulous day!


The next day, we got to have wind-surfing lessons at the beach! Lucky for us, we got a hawt wind-surfing teacher. When we were messing around, instead of wind-surfing, the lessons consisted of throwing water at each other, a lot of laughter, and, yes, some “private lessons” with the teacher. 😉 Afterwards, we dried off, put on our cover-ups and headed back to our hotel to get ready for the best part of our trip tomorrow! 


Today was the best part of our entire trip, in my opinion! We wanted to do something great, special, and memorable for our last full day here at West Palm Beach. So, we went on a “one-day-cruise” and did as much exploring as we could! We went to the indoor swimming pool, the fanciest restaurants, and the best places for entertainment! Overall, the cruise experience was ah-mazing!


This was our last day here at West Palm Beach. We took a lot of pictures today, but as if the ones we took before weren’t enough.  We packed our things, cleaned our hotel, and left for the airport. We boarded the plane, and set off for Westchester, New York. Home. 


The Alpha in Purple

Quote for this post: “Negativity isn’t the way to go. Smile some more, eat some chocolate.” -Ed Sheeran

Keep on loving,

Extras, announcements, and shoutouts:

Sorry for such a late Spring Break post!

My school formal/prom post is coming up!

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8 thoughts on “Spring Breakers ♥

  1. Hey Girly!
    Sounds like you had an ah-mazing Spring Break with the PC! Btw I love your swimsuit!

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