Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

I folded up more clothes and put them into my suitcase that was laid out on my bed.  Alicia, Kristen, and Dylan were scattered about my bedroom and we were all helping each other pack for our trip to the beautiful, sunny California, which we were leaving for in a week. I could already picture the amazing beaches, with all the people tanning, surfing or just hanging out with friends and family, and all the places we would get to visit there.

I looked at the clock, seeing how much time we had for packing today, already knowing that I wouldn’t be able to finish. Today was the day of the big end-of-the-year pool party we had planned, and it’s going to bigger and better than ever. The clock read 12:01 PM. Just 7 more hours.

“Mass, we should start getting ready, shouldn’t we? We have to get ready for the party, and then we have to make sure everything is in place for the party.” Kristen said.

“I just want to stop packing.” Leesh said, blowing a strand of hair out of her way.

I closed my suitcase, zipped it up, then smiled.

“Time to get to work!”


We spent the next couple of hours picking out perfect “pool party” outfits, creating natural beachy waves with our hair, and decorating the estate for the party.

Before we knew it, it was party time!

We invited all the OCD students, including Skye Hamilton, and of course, the Briarwood boys! The party went from 7:00 to 12:00 AM. We didn’t care if it was late. It’s summertime. (: The party was perfect. The pool water was sparkling, and it looked really pretty at nighttime, we put glowsticks and lights in the pool, and the music made everyone want to dance.


The DJ played “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas, and everyone started dancing, throwing their hands in the air, with no worries. Kristen came up with an amazing idea to hand glowsticks to everyone a few minutes before 12:00 PM. At 12:00 we all threw them into the air.

The start of summer was beyond perfect.

But, the PC and I have got even bigger things planned for this summer. All I know, is that we’re going to make it amazing.


The Alpha in Purple

Quote for this post: “Being cool is being your own self, not doing something that someone else is telling you to do.” -Vanessa Hudgens

Keep on loving,

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I did a summer makeover (:

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10 thoughts on “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    The party sounds like a total blast.
    The best way to kick off Summer for sure.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post

  2. Hello doll,
    Wonderful post!
    California sounds like its going to be ah-mazing.
    The party sounds beyond perfect, a great way to start the Summer!
    Can’t wait until your next post.
    Your Alpha,
    P.S New Post!

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