When Two Different Worlds Collide

 The PC and I, and all of our parents walked towards the luggage pick-up, where several people had already collected their bags, and others still watching the suitcases go by. I finally spotted my bags, easy to spot since they were the only designer ones. As I was collecting my luggage, I saw a suitcase that looked exactly like Claire’s. Claire Lyons. I knew it was just a coincidence, since the Lyons’ had gone to Florida for summer vacation.

“Guys, before we go to our hotel, let’s go to the McDonalds that’s in the airport, I’m starving.” Dylan said, rubbing her stomach.

When we arrived there, there was a huge line, that I didn’t want to stand in. I went and sat at a table,  and put my hand on my head, feeling jetlagged, even though it was a relatively short flight. I looked around and then I heard my mom’s voice and the entire PC’s voices, mentioning the Lyons’. I walked over to them to see what was going on. After a few seconds, I saw Claire, then Todd, then her parents. I couldn’t believe it.

“Leesh, what are they doing here?! They left for Florida!” I whispered, in complete shock.  I overheard Judy’s voice.

“I don’t even know how this happened, Kendra, but we got on the wrong flight and we just got here.” Claire’s mom said.  “We don’t have a way of getting back to Florida either.” She continued.

“Well, have you got a place to stay? If not, you can stay with us in our hotel, we have plenty room for you four.” My dad said, smiling.

The PC and I stepped aside.

“I can’t believe she’s doing this!” I said, whisper yelling.

“I’m not spending my entire summer in California with Kuh-Laire.” Kristen replied, exaggerating the first syllable of Claire’s name.

“Then it’s settled, it’ll be a lot of fun, right Todd?” My mom said. Todd glanced at Leesh for a second then nodded his head, grinning.

We arrived at our hotel in a taxi and took nearly an hour to unpack and settle in.

“Okay, Todd, you’ll be in the same room with William and Claire’s father, and you’ll each get your own bed. Claire can be with Alicia, Dylan, Kristen and Massie, and Judy can be with me. Sound good?” Kendra said, with a clap of her hands.

“Perfect.” I said, smirking. Once everyone else went into their rooms, and went exploring the hotel, I walked up to Claire.

“Just remember, this was and still is our vacation, not yours. Just..stay out of the way and everything’ll be fine.” I said, doing a cocky smile.

4 girls + Claire in the West Coast = One interesting summer.

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Quote for this post: “I live in airports.” -Cory Monteith

Keep on loving,

-Extras and Side Notes-

☼Sorry for not posting on Friday, I was busy! 

☼Blog makeover! Do you like it?

☼I joined LMB’s and MKSSB’s contest, wish me luck!

☼Kristen and Dylan are still open in my PC!



12 thoughts on “When Two Different Worlds Collide

  1. Wow what a surprise! Hopefully Claire doesn’t get in your way! Maybe she’ll be a fun time! Who knows? Great post 🙂

    -Xoxo, Becca

  2. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Uh oh, just when things seemed too good to be true.
    As long as Claire stays out of your way, the vacation should go swimmingly.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post

  3. Massie,
    I love your new makeover! It’s so pretty and trendy.
    Hopefully Claire will stay out of the way between you and an amazing, stress-free summer.


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