Summer’s Not Over Yet

Hey girls!

I am SO sorry for the lack of posts on my blog! I haven’t posted in over a month because I’ve been super busy, and I’ve had an obsession with foreign shows, it’s an addiction. I was going to make a bunch of amazing summer posts about the trip to California, but I couldn’t. I might still be able to fit some in, hopefully. So, I kind of failed, but I promise that next summer’s posts will be way better, and I promise that there will be posts. 😉 However, I am going to make Massie’s first day of school be on September 5th, so there’ll be more time for posts.

Now, onto the post!

♥ ♥ ♥

“Leesh, Dylan, could you hurry it up, puh-lease?” I yelled while sitting on my hotel bed, reading the latest issue of Teen Vogue.  We’ve been in California for a while, and everything has been 5x more boring with Kuh-laire around. The four of us were going to the beach to get away from our hotel and the Lyons’ for a couple of hours. Leesh and Dylan speed walked out of the bathroom.

“Sorry, Mass!” Dylan apologized while searching for her sunglasses.

“It’s cool, we ready?” I stood up, grabbing my beach bag, making sure it had all of my essentials. The PC slipped into their flip flops and we headed out into the living room.

“Mom, Dad, we’re going to the beach, we’ll be back at 3:00!” I noticed Claire, sitting on the couch, eating a packet of Skittles. She was watching The Amanda Show on the huge flat screen TV that was built into the wall. I rolled my eyes. My mom walked out of her bedroom.

“Alright, but why don’t you take Claire with you?” She said, smiling. Claire looked up, then looked straight at me.

“I’d love to come, thank you!” Claire responded, standing up, dropping a few Skittles. I mouthed “Mom!” with a why-would-you-do-that look on my face. My mom said it would be only be for a few hours, and that it was about time I should become friends with her. Puh-lease. A few minutes later, we were out the door.


The PC and I arrived at the beach, and started setting up, laying our beach towels right next to each other, but leaving a space between us and Claire. We all started taking out sunscreen, issues of Teen Vogue, Glamour, and Seventeen magazine, 0 calorie drinks and face mist. As I was applying my sunscreen, I saw him, and let out a mini squeal.

“Ehmagod, what is it Mass?” Leesh said, putting a hand on her heart.

“It’s him!” I said, excitedly.

“Who?” The PC asked.

“The cute guy on the plane I was telling you about, he’s right there!” I pointed in his direction. Everyone turned, to see what he looked like, even Claire.

“Massie, it’s basically impossible to find that exact guy in California. There are tons of people here, I doubt it’s him.” Kristen said. I looked at Kristen and shot her a look telling her that it was him.

“Well, what’re you waiting for? Go talk to him!” Dylan said, with a small clap of her hands.

“Come awn, we went to the beach so we could all hang out together, and plus I don’t want to leave you guys all alone.” I replied.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be here for a few hours, so we have plenty of time. We’ll be in the water, kay?” Leesh reassured me. Finally I made the decision to talk to him and made my way over there. Let me just say, he looked even hotter up close.

“May I help you?” He said, removing his sunglasses.

“Hi, I’m Massie Block. We were on the same plane from New York to Los Angeles together, I was in the row in front of you.”

“Oh right, I saw you boarding the plane with your entourage.” He said, with a smile. “Wanna sit?” I took a seat next to him.

“So, what brings you to L.A. Ms. Block?” He asked.

“It’s summer. Take a guess.” I replied.

“Ahhh, sassy. I’m here because my mom is on a business trip and decided to take me with her for a few weeks.” He explained. “Oh, I completely forgot. I’m Ethan, Ethan Calaway.” He introduced himself.

For the next hour or so, we had an amazing conversation about our interests, goals, dreams, music taste, favorite books. He was such an easy person to talk to, and he was extremely witty.

“Hey, I know we just got to know each other, but I was wondering if you could come to an end of summer vacation party this Saturday?” He asked, getting his phone out.

“Hmmm…I might like that.” I said with a smile and a giggle. We exchanged phone numbers before he had to go. I made my way back over to the PC.

“Sooo, how’d it go?” They all asked as if asking who I had a crush on. I laughed.

“If finding out he’s really nice, being invited to a party and getting his phone number counts as good…then good!”

We spent the last 2 hours at the beach tanning, reading, and enjoying the crystal clear waters.

Summer’s not over yet.

I love you all to the moon and back again.

Massie Block


Quote for this post: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Suess – The Lorax

-Extras and Sidenotes- 

☼Glam Dylan Marvil is now officially my Dylan!

☼Kiss From Kris has landed the spot as my Kristen!

☼New makeover soon!

☼Sorry for not posting for over a month.

Keep on loving,


5 thoughts on “Summer’s Not Over Yet

  1. Hi TAIP,
    Ethan sounds absolutelty ah-dorable!
    It was such a pleasant coincidence to find him on the beach!
    Your time at the beach sounds absolutely fabulous. I hope you had a fun time!
    (PS: If you have the time, please check out my latest post!)

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