Don’t You Worry Your Pretty Little Mind

People throw rocks at things that shine.

I’m back with another post! 

It’s kind of a lazy day today, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to look bad, now does it? I’m currently wearing a navy blue oversized Christmas sweater (yes, I’m already in the spirit!), which black leggings and black ankle boots. I’ve thrown my hair up into a perfect top knot and have applied a sheer pink-ish red shade of lip gloss to my lips. This week my nails are simply painted black, but my ring fingers are a sparkly golden color.

I entered Starbucks with Kristen and we both sat down at our usual table. A warm cup of coffee was exactly what I needed right now. I stifled a small yawn. I stayed up late last night thinking of what the PC and I would be doing for Thanksgiving this year, but I still wasn’t done.

“Alright, the usual Kris?” She nodded. “You stay here while I order for us. I’ll be right back.” I got up from our table and stood in line. I looked up at the menu board to see if I wanted to try something different today. But I was nearly first in line, so I decided to go with what I usually get; a caramel frappuchino.

“Hey Alice! The usual for Kristen and I please?” She had taken our orders at Starbucks so many times, that she already knew exactly what we wanted.

“Ms. Block, before you leave, please take this Seventeen magazine brochure! We’re handing them out to all the customers.” She handed me a paper with two beautiful yet very natural looking models on the front. I accepted it and went back to my table.

“Hey, what’s that?” Kristen said looking up from her phone for just a second to take a look at it, then looking back down.

“Alice handed me this Seventeen magazine brochure. It says that they’re having interviews for people to model for their winter edition.” I said, gaining more interesting with every word I read off the paper.

“Ooooh, when?” Kristen asked with a slight clap of her hands.

“Well, great. They’re having the interviews on Thanksgiving. We’re not going to be able to make it because of our Thanksgiving plans.” I said gloomily.

“Uhmm, so? Opportunities like this hardly ever come, but Thanksgiving comes around every 364 days, Mass. We’re only cancelling a few plans. We should do it!” I took a sip of my coffee and smiled. Partly because Kristen was right, and partly because my drink tasted better than it usually did.

♥                    ♥                    ♥

Once I got home, I went out to the pool and spa in the estate, and sat down in the chair area. I opened up my laptop and IM’d the PC, then texted Dylan since her mom took her phone away from her, and told them about the interview.


I’ve informed the PC, and made room for the interviews on Thanksgiving day. Everything’s perfect. 

“Massie! There you are sweetie!” My mom came in smiling and plopped down in the chair next to me.

“Hey mom, is there something I can help you with?” I asked, closing the lid of my laptop.

“Yes, can you do me a favor? I need you to print up two copies of the invite list for the Thanksgiving party we’re going to be holding. Oh, that reminds me! Don’t make any plans that day, you’re going to have to be home for the feast, alright hun?” She placed a hand on my shoulder. I agreed, and smiled sweetly.

Well, maybe not so perfect.

I set my laptop aside, let out a breath of air, and laid back in my chair. I still have three days to think of a plan. That should be enough, right?

♥                    ♥                    ♥

I woke up a few hours later, realizing I had fallen asleep. I was even more tired than I was earlier. I stretched my arms, then re-did my top knot. I picked up the Seventeen brochure and read through the entire thing, until a few words caught my eye.

*Two girls will be chosen out of all to be part of the photoshoot, and one out of the two will be chosen to have a job at Seventeen magazine.

Way to add to my problems, life.

I decided not to tell the PC about this, though. The last thing I needed was drama.

Quote for this post: “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” -Walt Disney


-Another post after a month or so! Not the best post, but needed something to get the storyline started, and because I haven’t posted in a while.

-Thanksgiving posts and more about the Seventeen magazine interview coming soon!

Fall makeover! Tell me what you think. 🙂

Comment for comment post!

-I’m back on AIM! I’ll be chatting on there and will be more active on WP once again!

-Planning to make a real-life blog, so stay tuned for that!


Massie Block


17 thoughts on “Don’t You Worry Your Pretty Little Mind

  1. Great post, Massie! I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    I hope you and the PC will find a way to get to go to the interviews! What Massie wants, Massie gets. 😉

    Stay Lovely,
    – Ashley Moore

  2. Hey girl!
    Loved the post!
    It sounds like you have quite a problem there!
    I hope everything gets resolved, though!
    PS, I’d like a comment :3

  3. Hola Massie,
    Hopefully you and the PC girls will find a way to all make it to the interviews! It sounds like a great opportunity! Maybe after the interviews, they’d see how great the whole PC is and take all of you? Fingers crossed!

    xoxo, Leesh

  4. Hey Mass!
    Wow, I really hope your plan works! That would be a great experience for you and the girls! I doubt any mom would keep their daughter from accomplishing such a big dream!


    *I just started my blawg on WP and was wondering if there was anyway you could check it out, thanks so much!

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