The Life of an Alpha

You can only be here for one reason. You want to be living the life of the true alpha, Massie Block. 


Summer Schedule

7:30  Wake up and go downstairs to grab a granola bar or some greek yogurt topped with granola. Something small that will give me a boost of energy.

7:45  Head to the cabana to do some yoga.

8:00  Stretch, then go running outside or at our indoor gym; whatever I’m feeling. If I don’t feel like going for a run, I’ll do some Blogilates videos or just stick with yoga.

8:30  Take a shower to freshen up after exercising with Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner. I always use Clinique body soap or my shower gel, in the scent Pure Paradise, Forever Sunshine, or if I don’t want a really summery scent, I’ll go with Cashmere Glow.

9:00  Style my hair, get dressed in my outfit that I arranged on my mannequin, do some simple makeup, and head downstairs for breakfast if I’m still feeling hungry.

10:00  Call/text the PC and talk about our plans for the day.

11:00  We leave to go out and do whatever we have planned for the afternoon.

12:00  Have lunch with the girls, or with my family at home if I’m not going anywhere that day.

4:30 – Come home and have some “me time” for the day. I’ll read magazines, catch up on episodes of Pretty Little Liars if I need to, read some good books for a while, and take another shower. But, if I’m feeling lazy or need to be really relaxed, I’ll take a hot bath.

6:30  Dinnertime with my family!


7:00  AIM/Text/Call the PC, check all my social networking things such as email, blog, Twitter, and whatnot to make sure I’m not missing anything!

8:00  Take Bean for a walk around the estate.

8:15  Come home and say goodnight to my parents. Then change into my pajamas and put my hair up into a top knot.

8:20  Begin brushing my teeth, moisturizing, and doing my nightly beauty routine. Pick out tomorrow’s outfit and makeup.

9:00  Go on my iPad/iPhone, text the PC some more, write in my journal, anything I want to before I go to sleep.

10:00 – Let’s call it a day!


5 thoughts on “The Life of an Alpha

  1. Ehmygawd, you are so stupid! Don’t you realize that Massie Block is a fictional character and that this blog is so nawt her!

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